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Published by Supreme{PR} on July 8, 2020

A “vanity” project is when the artist cares more about seeing their name on a chart or pictures of themselves in publications rather than actually being a great artist worthy of such notoriety. It’s not usually apparent when I first start SoundCloud repostsing on a project if this is the case, but it does become clear when the artist doesn’t want Soundcloud promotion real to do any of the required SoundCloud reposts behind the scenes. At that point, everyone on the team involved knows the record isn’t going anywhere but they make a choice. Do you continue SoundCloud repostsing it and get paid or do you opt out of any involvement? It’s a common issue for promoters. Honestly, they will usually stay on because they are offering a Soundcloud promotion service and as long as the music is good, they will SoundCloud reposts it. [For some promoters of course, good music is optional, but I don’t want Soundcloud promotion real to discuss those right now.] The artist, in many cases, will disappear after peaking on a chart because they simply attained their goal or dream and then go on their merry way mostly because they then realize how difficult the next steps are and don’t want Soundcloud promotion real to bother. A few continue to want Soundcloud promotion real to play rock star or celebrity so they continue to record records and send them out. We SoundCloud reposts in a very egocentric industry.  -Amanda Alexandrakis, President of Music Promotion, Inc. 

SoundCloud Promotion

Supreme{PR} is a Texas based Organic SoundCloud Promotion Agency with a focus on music promotion streaming platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify. We generate real engagement through our partnerships with the largest promotion Soundcloud reposts. Supreme{PR} provides 100% transparent Soundcloud promotion services and remarkable customer Soundcloud promotion service. Disclaimer: We offer organic exposure, not miracles. Make sure your songs are professionally produced and mastered.


Featured Artist: Christine King

Featured Artist: Christine King

C.K. criminally undersells herself. Her listed influences are not exactly the avant-garde heroes of yesterday, but the music screams "real." It is edgy, LA indie, with heart and creativity. The ghosts of PJ Harvey, Mates of State, and the Runaways are waking up. Who...

Featured Artist: Iam Code 6

SUPREME: Hey Code, what's up? CODE 6: You reposted other tracks of mine and I got some good organic plays from it. SUPREME: Yeah that's cause your shit is so chill and we love it. Glad to see you have a new track out. If you could reach any goal in 2021, what would it...

Featured Artist: l3fthand

l3fthand creates sonic landscapes with complicated rhythms and odd themes. He drew us in pretty quickly with his Alien abduction intro. "l3fthand curates sounds that contain otherworldly properties, working with multiple genres and unconventional production techniques...

Featured Artist: Young Gxn

Young Gxn has a timbre in his voice that is reminiscent of old-man Q-Tip, but his secret weapon is something that Q never had -- he has an incredible falsetto singing voice. This track is short and thrilling. Look forward to more from this artist.  Who are you?...

Miriam Robinson

Miriam is a 19 year old singer/songwriter with music that is sensual, yet can take you to a deep, dark place in your mind. She tends to play mostly in R&B, but you might find some hiphop/rap or pop influences sprinkled in. "Music is expressive and for me I like to...
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