Copyrighting Songs: Getting Started
As musicians, one of the most essential parts of the music industry is protecting your music. Copyrighting songs is the proper way to protect your intellectual property. Any time you write a song, create a melody, or an instrumental – this is an original piece of material that can be infringed upon. However, it can be noted that even though by technical standards a song Is copyrighted once it has been made into tangible form. Especially relevant, while this may be fact, it often isn’t enough to spare many artists the time and money that comes with having your work stolen. It would be unwise to go about any music marketing and promotion without taking the correct precautions.

Copyrighting Songs: The Basics
Officially speaking, the best strategy to combat IP theft is to register your work with the US Library of Congress. Furthermore, this is the only surefire way to be sure that you have the correct legal protection against other musicians and businesses. Copyrighting songs through this method will give you the peace of mind that you will be able to protect your work.
Preparing your music for copyright is simple. Compile all of your related music materials in clean and clear formats. Be sure the song info, split sheets, MP3s, and lyrics are organized and readily available. After you have established the necessities, it is time to create your online account. Connect with the official US copyright website at Be sure to fill out all of the required information and spend some time getting familiar with the platform.
After you have established an account it is time to submit your music. Start by navigating to the Copyright Registration section of the website. Once you have located this section move to Register a Work and then click Standard Application. Give a thorough glance and be sure you are on the proper form. Fill out the application as necessary and required and review to make sure everything is correct. Now make your payment. The cost is currently $55 per song registration through standard song recording application.
Now that you have submitted and paid for your copyright it is time to distribute and share your music. Work on a proper music marketing and promotion campaign and get your music out there.
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