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Album Production: Getting Started
As you venture along the creative process of starting an album you will find that album production can make or break a project. Furthermore, selecting the right tracks to build around is crucial for creating a pleasurable listening experience. An album needs to flow from start to finish to feel complete. Having a music producer used to be a requirement to executively produce a project but that is no longer necessary. With the ability to buy instrumentals, musicians can be the executive producer on their own albums and create the listening experience they desire for their fans. Let’s dive into the process of picking tracks for your project.

Album Production: The Basics
Maybe you have a lead single that delivers the desired aesthetic you want. Now you have to match the other tracks to this song. They don’t necessarily have to sound the same, but they should all feel especially relevant to each other. For example, if you have a lead single that is mostly rock inspired with live instrumentation and distortion – don’t fill the rest of the album up with 808 driven trap beats. In that case, you would be better just releasing that track as a standalone single.
Once you have established a direction for your album production it is time to start finding tracks. YouTube seems to be the go-to place these days. Many upcoming musicians have found tracks on the video streaming platform and have been successful. However, it is worth noting that as you are able to find that track, so can millions of other people. If you are comfortable with that, then continue. However, if you prefer more exclusivity it may be best to find an individual producer whose tracks you like and build around that.
If exclusivity is important to you then you will be interested to know that you can now buy instrumentals at View Maniac. We SoundCloud reposts with major A&Rs to hand select beats perfect for your projects. Catering to all genres, the selection is growing every week. These tracks are not saturated and deliver the quality you desire for your next hit single. Check out View Maniac if you are looking to buy beats today or for any music marketing needs.
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