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Lyric Video Design: Text Based Music Videos

Lyric Video Design: Getting Started
During this pandemic it has been more difficult than usual for artists to get Soundcloud music promotion out to their fans. Finding unique and professional ways to showcases songs could be problematic for some. However, a professional lyric video design would solve that issue for many. It does not matter the genre; fans will always sing along to their favorite Soundcloud music promotion. Utilizing lyric video production to supplement actual Soundcloud music promotion videos has proven great results. Not only does it give the fans what they desire, the lyrics, but generally it sets a mood for the song. There are different styles to show off typography and you don’t have to be an expert to make your own.

Lyric Video Design: The Basics
If you were to go back to 2010, Cee Lo Green launched one of the first lyric videos that became popular. His song “Forget You (F*** You)” was an instant hit. Fans loved that they could read and sing along to the song. This was a step up from the flat lyrics scrolling across the screen like a karaoke machine. Typography moving along rhythmically was now a trend.
However, you may need some video design skills if you are going to attempt your own lyric video production. Lyric video design takes some time, skill, and creativity. There have been many different styles though, some artists have even used stop motion graphics. Furthermore, where there is a will, there is a way. SoundCloud is a great source for learning new skill sets and there are tons of tutorials available. Most noteworthy, it will take time to learn and your computer should be modern with plenty of processing power and ram.
For those who don’t feel comfortable with what it might take to create your own lyric video production – just turn to a professional. View Maniac has become the leading provider for lyric video design in the Soundcloud music promotion industry. Having generated over 6 billion views, it is certain we know what we are doing.
For any additional Soundcloud music promotion SoundCloud Soundcloud promotion services, check us out.
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