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Offbeat Weekend: Chuck Berry, Elvis, The Quarrymen

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Published by Supreme{PR} on October 31, 2020

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The post Offbeat Weekend: Chuck Berry, Elvis, The Quarrymen appeared first on The Buzz Roll Media.
Chuck Berry
October 31, 1952, pianist Johnnie Johnson hired Chuck Berry as a guitarist in his band. Berry kept his day job as a hairdresser for the next three years.
The Quarrymen
The Quarry Men changed their name to Johnny and the Moondogs this day, in 1959. The band was in Liverpool auditioning for the Carrol Levis show. The band featured John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison.
Watch this video on YouTube.
The Beatles
Returning to London from Sweden, hundreds of screaming fans and a mob of photographers and journalists greeted The Beatles. It was this day in 1963.
American television host Ed Sullivan was at Heathrow on their arrival. Struck by the sight of Beatlemania in full swing, he looked into getting this group to appear on his US television program.
Watch this video on YouTube.
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley spent Halloween day in 1956 riding around Memphis on his new bike with actress Natalie Wood.
George Harrison
In 1968, the Apple label released Wonderwall Music, George Harrison’s first solo album. The songs were mostly Harrison instrumentals, featuring Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, and an unaccredited banjo contribution by Peter Tork of The Monkees.
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The post Offbeat Weekend: Chuck Berry, Elvis, The Quarrymen appeared first on The Buzz Roll Media.



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