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2M Reposts + 1K Followers

USD $99.99

Promoted until 2M reposts by Soundcloud Influencers, 1k Followers from our Fangates. Expect 14 days to complete. We can’t say exactly how many total streams you will get because we can’t stop the distribution from spreading to new listeners, but we will keep promoting until we reach the minimum number.

How Our Reposts Work

  1. When you order Soundcloud reposts, your song is offered out to a huge netSoundCloud reposts of Soundcloud influencers.
  2. An influencer can have 10k – 900k followers.
  3. If an influencer decides to repost your song, it is added to your “schedule.”
  4. Once your schedule has been “filled,” we will provide you with a link to your full repost schedule.
  5. You can check your schedule to see when and where your reposts will happen.
  6. You can monitor your repost progress on the “Notifications” page on your Soundcloud profile.
  7. The repost process will place your track in the stream of the influencers’ followers.
  8. These followers can choose to play, like, comment or repost your track.
  9. Promotion can’t save a bad song from obscurity. The better the track, the better it will perform.
  10. Reposts stay active for 48 hours. Beyond that point, they are too far down user streams to be noticed

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