SoundCloud Advertising Channels

SoundCloud Advertising Channels

This is the SoundCloud advertising channel, which helps you to place the music of other artists at your own expense and broadcast your music to potential customers. Sometimes artists reach hundreds of thousands more than they download individually. This account is...

Soundcloud Success: Episode 2. Plays, Likes, Follows… What do Soundcloud metrics mean?

Musical artists are in many ways like business startups. They create, publish, sell, negotiate, deal with payments, do marketing…just like a new business. It can be tough to find relevant performance indicators for artists, but what’s true for businesses is also true...

The key behind strong Soundcloud reposts

The key behind strong reposts So why do artists and labels have higher engagement ratios? Labels and artists often curate more in relation to reposts and uploads, preferring quality over quantity, allowing them to create dedicated superfans. The repost generates plays...
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