SoundCloud Success Series: How important is the name you choose?

There are plenty of artists with bad names that succeed through exceptional music and marketing. All that really matters is that people remember you. If you haven’t committed to an artist name just yet, try to pick something that is easy to remember, easy to pronounce...
SoundCloud Advertising Channels

SoundCloud Advertising Channels

This is the SoundCloud advertising channel, which helps you to place the music of other artists at your own expense and broadcast your music to potential customers. Sometimes artists reach hundreds of thousands more than they download individually. This account is...

Is Buying Reposts on Soundcloud the new Payola model?

These findings can allow you to select your repost partners, along with better estimate the value of a paid offer Since the SoundCloud trading setting resembles the Wild West. There is a common strategy to give away your music for free download in exchange for a...

As SoundCloud’s importance expands beyond audio, labels of all sizes are catching on to the value of having their SoundCloud plays.

The trend on SoundCloud, particularly with channels, is to pair reposts to have the ability to accelerate follower development. That channel may do the same, and receive uploads that are consistent too. You are unlikely to click it if channels repost the same song...
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