The Difference Between Publicists, Managers, and Agents

As the business development director here at AMW, it’s part of my job to answer questions any of our potential clients may have when they’re considering working with us. Particularly with clients who are newer to the entertainment world, I get asked a few specific...

What To Expect When You’re Marketing

A frequently asked question about digital marketing campaigns is “ What can I expect to get from this?”. After all, it would be nice to know that you’re going to get a return on your investment, wouldn’t it? In a world seemingly obsessed with overnight success...

How to Market Yourself on Soundcloud

As an artist, I understand how hard it can be to get consistent streams. Out of frustration, I ended up building a network, which led to a multifaceted approach to releasing and promoting my songs. I’ve had over 1.6 million streams so far this year. While...

Be Your Own Number One Fan

I know this seems obvious, but in my 20+ years of selling records, one thing is always true: most releases suck. Despite this, I personally believe that almost every producer/musician has at least one great record inside them. What they frequently don’t have is the...

Create a Unique Brand for Yourself

If nobody knows who you are, they can’t search for you. And you can’t rely on a rave flyer or a club promoter or Beatport or any of these other websites to do the promotion for you. You need to create your brand and you need to inject yourself into this community....
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