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Get A SoundCloud Release Critique In 2020

Getting a song critique can help you at any stage in your career. For the more seasoned songwriting or producer, you’ve probably spent months working on your latest single. Before you release your song to the public, why not get some song feedback to get the...

Radio Ready: Professional Recording Quality at Home

Radio Ready: Getting Started This should be considered a public service announcement for any aspiring musician. If you want your music played by the masses – you must have professional recording quality. This will ensure your music is accepted by playlists and be...

SoundCloud reaches 175 million people every month. 

In 2020, SoundCloud artists are reaching new highs of exposure and notoriety. Just look at these numbers: SoundCloud reaches 175 million people every month. The app officially has 76 million monthly users. In total, SoundCloud has more than 272 million users in 2019....

Visual Branding: Why Artwork Design Matters on SoundCloud

Visual Branding: Getting Started It doesn’t matter if you are a musician, company, or professional in any entertainment or sales field – visual branding matters! The wrong artwork design could prevent many people from learning about who you are. The reasoning? Because...

Gain Momentum by Timing Your SoundCloud Releases Effectively

In this article we will illustrate how to keep your fan growth going release after release. First, let’s look at an example of a typical Supreme{PR} release lifecycle. 1.) You produce a track, upload it to SoundCloud. 2.) Your existing fanbase flocks to the...
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