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The truth about LIVE-STREAMING on Facebook (Musicians, DON’T panic!!!)

Most musicians can keep live-streaming on Facebook Musicians, artists, bands, please read: There is so much misinformation and misleading headlines about Facebook’s change to “listening experiences” happening on October 1st, so I wanted to help clarify. In short: If...

The 2020 Back-to-School Guide for the PR Professional

Kids shouldn’t be the only ones going back-to-school. Here’s how you can focus on your PR professional development and grow your career. The post The 2020 Back-to-School Guide for the PR Professional appeared first on Spin Sucks. ...

EPK Requirements: Making an Electronic Press Kit

EPK Requirements: Getting Started Musician living in the digital age should be well versed in music industry standards. One of those standards is having a modern and up-to-date Electronic Press Kit (Music EPK). This is a digital presentation with information about...
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