Soundcloud Success: Episode 2. Plays, Likes, Follows… What do Soundcloud metrics mean?

Musical artists are in many ways like business startups. They create, publish, sell, negotiate, deal with payments, do marketing…just like a new business. It can be tough to find relevant performance indicators for artists, but what’s true for businesses is also true...

Secrets to Soundcloud Success: Getting attention from Agencies and Labels

When presenting yourself to the public on Soundcloud,  Remember, first impressions are everything. Your profile needs to be perfect before anyone sees it because Each potential fan will decide if they like you or not in seconds.  In a glance a user will conclude how...

We would like to work with you on a release or an exclusive premiere. 

As an artist, I understand how hard it can be to get consistent streams. Out of frustration, I ended up building a network, which led to a multifaceted approach to releasing and promoting my songs. I’ve had over 2.5 million streams so far this year. While...

Can You Buy Your Way Into the Soundcloud Charts?

The trend on SoundCloud, particularly with channels, is to pair consistent reposts to be able to accelerate follower development. That other channel receive uploads that are consistent also, and may then do the same. If multiple stations repost the exact same song...

Is Buying Reposts on Soundcloud the new Payola model?

These findings can allow you to select your repost partners, along with better estimate the value of a paid offer Since the SoundCloud trading setting resembles the Wild West. There is a common strategy to give away your music for free download in exchange for a...
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