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Premiering a song on Soundcloud without full PR and reposting support is a waste of time and talent. Supreme Soundcloud PR provides the most effective US based song premier PR service and soundcloud audience reach available. We offer 30 days of full PR and technical promotion with each engagement. 


  • A&R Industry Professional review of track
  • Broad Social Media Exposure (Insta, FB, Twitter)
  • Exclusive Blog Review and Interview Prior to Release
  • Professionally Written Press Release
  • Massive 2 Million+ Listener Network
  • Reposts to musical taste influencers who drive people to listen, like, repost and comment real comments. Real plays. No bots. (As real as it gets, for good or bad.)
  • Soundcloud Page SEO 
  • Support for a Successful Launch

We are musicians just like you. We’ve tried everything from expensive New York PR firms to bot farms in India and found nothing both effective and honest to get our music heard by real music fans. Ultimately, we designed our own system through research, trial and error, and partnership building. Now our Soundcloud song premier process combines the best real Soundcloud distribution networks and Industry promotion for real results. 
We can’t make your music great. But if it’s great, we can get it heard. Fill out the form below for consideration.

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