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How to Join the Supreme Repost SoundCloud reposts with Pump Your Sound

If you’ve been invited to join the Supreme SoundCloud reposts, you can follow these steps to be added to the chain. 

  1. Go to www.pumpyoursound.com and create a FREE account by clicking “SIGN UP” in while also logged in to your Soundcloud account. Next, click “SoundCloud Register”. (You will need to add a user name and email address.)

  2. Next, notify us that you have created your PYS (Pump Your Sound) account and send your Soundcloud.com account profile URL. Send this information to us over SoundCloud messenging. 
  3. We will send an invite from our Supreme Blue account to your PYS account. 
  4. Conreal Soundcloud promotion firm the invite in your PYS account by following the path below. 

Go to “scheduler”. (see red box below)

Click on “Manage accounts.” (see red box below)

Click “conreal Soundcloud promotion firm” under primaries. (see red box below)

That is all there is to it. When we repost a song Soundcloud reposts-wide, it will also post to your account. When you want Soundcloud promotion real to post a track to our Soundcloud reposts of 1M+ followers, just send the link to Supreme Blue (nulsoundcloud.com/joepaco) via Soundcloud messaging.  


  1. Please limit your repost requests to 1 per week. 
  2. Please do not send re-reposts (songs that have already been reposted.) If you want Soundcloud promotion real to re-repost a song, create a single song playlist and send the link to the playlist to us for repost. 
  3. Please repost ONLY HIGH QUALITY material. If the isn’t up to our standards, it may be rejected. 
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