Supreme{PR} is a US-based organic music promotion company with a focus on music streaming platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify. We generate real engagement from real fans with our influencer-driven network. Supreme{PR} provides transparency in our work and remarkable customer service to cultivate long-term relationships with our artists so we can grow together. Please feel free to chat with us to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

20 Million Repost Network

Reposts from influencers are the absolute best way to reach real people and get them to lisen. We provide distribution across a massive network of 20 million fans who will play your song.  If it’s good, they will like, repost and comment.

Song Premiere Service

We offer a white glove song premiere service to ensure a successful release of your track on SoundCloud. We fully manage your promotion through the life of the campaign to maximize results. Start a chat with us below to discuss your project and receive a custom proposal.

Soundcloud Algorithms

We are SoundCloud nerds who understand the algorithms for related songs, stations, and curated streams. Basically, we know our shit. Your stats, reputation and profile activity will get you on the charts if your music is good and you let us help you promote it the right way. 

We Are a Real PR Agency

We effectively become your PR agents for the term of your promotion. With a 30 day package you get ongoing scheduled reposts by influencers and ongoing support. We will monitor your stats and make adjustments. We want long term clients.

Soundcloud Reposts

Reposted by Soundcloud Influencers. Campaigns begin with-in 48 hours. Repost schedule provided. We guarantee USA and EU listeners. Expose your music to a large audience. Please take a moment to read how our reposts work.

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Recent Promotions

Soundcloud Plays

Plays from US and EU Listeners. Promoted from Fan-networks, Fan-gates, and Email Campaigns. We Guarantee Play Goals.

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I chose an Exclusive Premiere package and my listens went to 150k in less than 2 weeks! By far the best PR and promotion company out there. Outstanding customer service and they bespoke my campaign for my target listeners.

Telian Akai

Soundcloud Followers

Followers from our Fangates. Engage and make Super-fans! Constant Stream in your notifications. Expect two weeks per 1000 followers. Build your following 24/7.

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Soundcloud Bundles

Bundles are discounted. Reposted by Soundcloud influencers. Campaigns begin with-in 48 hours. Link to repost schedule provided. Guaranteed US and EU engagement.

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Time to look at the clock… and yes, I mean TikTok

We already know that people are on social media to catch up on news and events, so it’s no surprise effective campaigns span multiple platforms.  Thankfully, […]The post Time to look at the clock… and yes, I mean TikTok appeared first on HMA Public Relations....

Try This Writing Exercise to Kickstart Your Work Day

“How do you start off on a typical day?” asked my 13-year-old son as he sat across from me in my office, pencil in hand, anxious to finish filling out his school worksheet so he could go home. We were finishing up his “job shadow” day. All the...


Maybe it’s a lazy long weekend for you, but with SC101, you can still make sure your tracks are working overtime. On SoundCloud there are no barriers to entry, meaning anyone can upload a track instantly and be discovered. But with all this glorious content, how can...

Tagging for success

How can new fans find your music? Well, one of the best ways is to tag your music. Tagging makes you discoverable when a listener is searching SoundCloud. The better your tags, the easier you are to find. The best way to tag is to be honest. If you made a drum &...

Add a ‘Buy’ Link

Getting listens and likes is nice. But likes and listens won’t buy you that new mic you’ve been eyeing. Luckily SoundCloud lets you add a ‘Buy’ link to your track upload. Just click on the ‘Metadata’ tab when you’re uploading. Add the right  links: Buy on iTunes,...

Musician’s Guide to Marketing Plans: Planning Your Music Release – Pt. 2

These Musician Marketing Plan posts are the most popular series on this site. They are fully updated for 2020. Do you have a plan for your next music release? This can be a single, a music video, an EP, or an album. In our most popular series The  Musician’s Guide to...

Building Anticipation: Create a Buzz for Your Song

Building Anticipation: Getting Started For any musician whether new or already established, it is important to create a buzz for your new release. Building anticipation for a new song or album will get your audience excited for what you are about to release. This is...

Music Biography: Standing Out from the Crowd

Music Biography: Getting Started Making it as an independent musician within the music industry requires professionalism. In part, standing out from others by way of a strong music biography is a great set up for any public relation situations you may encounter. A...

Musician Artwork: Your Image Matters

Musician Artwork: Getting Started For many musicians, connecting with fans beyond the music can be what prevents a major breakthrough. However, while we will focus on musician artwork, make no mistake that the music should be the main focus for any musician. So, how...

Promoting Yourself: Grow Your Fan Base

Promoting Yourself: Getting Started As a musician, every artist wants to see their name in lights. Hearing themselves on the radio or the music video played on a popular music channel is a dream. While this could be a reality for some, many will find themselves...

Spotify Playlist Placement

Get noticed on Spotify. Campaigns begin with-in 48 hours. Optimized for your genre.  Placements last four weeks. High quality playlists.

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Spotify Plays

Get heard on Spotify. Campaigns begin with-in 48 hours. Optimized for your genre. Plays come from playlist placements and fangates. 

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Spotify Followers

Followers from Fangates, Fan-networks, and Emails. Build a network of Superfans! A constant stream of REAL followers. Takes 2 weeks per-1000 followers. Build your following 24/7. Fully organic promotions.

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Media Campaigns, Press Releases, and Mastering

Big-time Press Release

We will professionally write and publish a press release to 275+ news and entertainment websites including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates. This is what the real PR firms offer.

Grammy Producer Feedback

We offer a production assessment from a Grammy award nominated producer. This is sometimes hard to read, but if you are serious about getting to the next level, it is invaluable.

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How To Grow A SoundCloud Fan Base

[…] Posts How to get the most out of SoundCloud How does Soundcloud promotion help your band? Engage your audience and create super fans Build a […] Soundcloud Promotion and Soundcloud Reposts. Distribution across our massive network of 5 million fans and taste influencers who will listen, like, repost, and HYPE your song. Professionally written press release published on over 200 news and entertainment websites to bring the listeners.:
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