When is the best time to upload a track to Soundcloud? - Supreme {PR} Organic SoundCloud Promotion | Supreme {PR} Organic SoundCloud Promotion
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The most Soundcloud user activity happens at 10 am PST. This activity spike lasts for about 12 hours and declines after Sunday around 10 pm to normal activity. In this time period, tracks that are uploaded to Soundcloud receive the greatest number of plays and comments.

We believe this is due to the fact that many artists spend their weekends checking out other Soundcloud music promotionian’s content and upload tracks because they have full-time jobs to go to during the week.

The first 12 hours are the most important when you upload Soundcloud tracks. These hours are crucial for gaining exposure for your upload. Therefore, Supreme{PR} recommends premiering a song at approximately 10 am PST on Sunday morning or even a few hours earlier.

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