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How To Keep Your Fans Engaged So They Don’t Forget About You

Having a music career in the 21st century is all about finding a balance between acquiring and maintaining your fan base, and consistently creating new content. Of course, these things go hand in hand – if you’re constantly creating, you’re gaining new fans and...

Reflections On A Lockdown

The world is on lockdown due to the current health crisis. Greg and Sheldon get together ‘virtually’ to discuss the implications on this for your music marketing (surprisingly there are more benefits than you might realise!) and Greg looks at ways that you might still...

Covid-19 and your creativity, how to stay motivated and get your mojo back.

If you are like me, you have been sitting in your yoga pants since March 13. Some of the creatives in Europe have been almost home for a month now, and here in the US we are about to be on our second and third week of quarantine. Some of you might be experiencing...

How to Get More Fans to Your Show

  It’s one of the top things I hear artists say they’re struggling with. “How do I get more people to come out to my shows”? And I get it. After all, it can feel hard enough just to book the show in the first place, but to then get there, pour your heart into...

Staying Productive During Quarrantine

Hello All,   We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this international crisis. (If for whatever reason you aren’t aware of the seriousness of the situation, head immediately to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website and learn what you...
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