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10 Ways To Collaborate With Other Musicians

Collaborating with other musicians is one of the most powerful ways to propel your career. Independent artists face two major challenges: 1) being seen and heard by wider audience, and 2) constantly having to be in creative mode, writing and releasing new...

Your Email is an Unwelcome Kiss from an Ugly Stranger

(And Other Reasons Your Email Isn’t Being Returned) This is a re-post of an article published in 2013. Several years later and not much has changed.   I am a big believer in doing as much legwork on your own as you possibly can before reaching out to music...

Wrote a hit? How to protect your music.

You write a song with some friends for fun one night and years later that song suddenly becomes a hit, or gets placed in a major TV show. This sounds like a dream that soon could be a nightmare. What if your friends never put your name on the split sheet, never...

Good Musician Health Habits

Dr. Arkady Lipnitsky, DC is the Director of Chiropractic and Rehabilitation at Pain Physicians NY and specializes in treating and preventing many of the muscular and skeletal health problems that plague musicians and athletes. He started out as a skilled massage...
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