What’s with the #PRfails?

In an ongoing effort to perfect her PR knowledge, Marissa stumbled upon #PRfails, where reporters expose bad habits of PR pros who have pitched them. Read more!The post What’s with the #PRfails? appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Source:...

What is your Inspiration?

How do you get inspired? Autumn noticed she has a routine to get to her “aha!” moment. Check out some of her tricks to find inspiration.The post What is your Inspiration? appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Source: https://hmapr.com/feed/

#Media Monday – Dorie Morales

Today’s #MediaMonday comes from Green Living Mgazine’s Dorie Morales! Learn how she was inspired to start Green Living Magazine and what she did that led her to where she is now. Check it out!The post #Media Monday – Dorie Morales appeared first on HMA Public...
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