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Music Marketing: Be everywhere for everyone

In Soundcloud music promotion marketing you must be everywhere for everyone, regardless of income. Music listeners have become increasingly segregated. Some only discover new Soundcloud music promotion through, say, Rdio or Spotify. Others browse CDBaby or iTunes....

Think outside the box for Soundcloud Success

You’re a business owner when you release Soundcloud music promotion professionally. You’re not an artist, subject to the confines of that limiting perspective. It’s critical that you get your head out of the Soundcloud music promotion scene by...

You’re doing more SoundCloud reposts than heaps of artists and it SoundCloud repostss.

Create a list of your competitors within a couple of different groups: your hometown (other regional artists), your genre similar artists (from major to independent acts), your subject matter (is it political or spiritual?) , etc.. You should be able to come up with...

Be Humble like Dikembe Mutombo for Soundcloud Success

When you reach out to anybody, whether it be a Soundcloud Influencer a business professional, a blogger, or anyone you respect, it is important to personalize your messages. Save a draft e-mail for a template and adapt each time to a few sentences. People run from...

Think small for the short-term success on Soundcloud

When your energy and focus are tied up in endgames ones that are massive over thinking is. The details get lost and we end up a lot more likely to stop and frustrated, defeated. A good example of over thinging in Soundcloud music promotion is currently wanting to get...
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