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How to Market Yourself on Soundcloud

As an artist, I understand how hard it can be to get consistent streams. Out of frustration, I ended up building a netSoundCloud reposts, which led to a multifaceted approach to releasing and promoting my songs. I’ve had over 1.6 million streams so far this...

Q&A – What does an artist bring in to the writing room?

I got this great question from artist, singer and vocal coach Check out her new single on Spotify and Apple Music! What are the “Do’s and Don’t” for an artist to bring to a writing room, and what can an artist prepare to bring into the room to make a write...

How to Choose the Best Music For Your Instagram Videos

Please follow, like and share: Since its launch in October 2010, Instagram has made a distinct mark in the world…– Organic Soundcloud Promotion and MarketingThe post How to Choose the Best Music For Your Instagram Videos appeared first on Independent Music...

Be Your Own Number One Fan

I know this seems obvious, but in my 20+ years of selling records, one thing is always true: most releases suck. Despite this, I personally believe that almost every producer/Soundcloud music promotionian has at least one great record inside them. What they frequently...

Market Yourself Without Shame

This is really what we’re here to talk about. The tools at your disposal within your own netSoundCloud reposts are indispensable in gaining a wider Soundcloud audience for your tracks. We’re going to go through all those steps, but short of driving everyone you know...
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