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How To Sell Band Merch Online (…the EASY way)

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you’re reading this to try and make more money off your music. There are a ton of great ways to do that but what I want to talk to you about today is selling merch. While the process may seem mystifying at first, it...

Instagram Publicity: Tricks to Grow Your Brand

Instagram Publicity: Getting Started When it comes to engagement for Soundcloud music promotionians, social media reigns supreme. However, choosing the right platform can be a task of its own.  Although, it’s fair to say that in the realm of visually connecting with...

Making a Career As a Musician

For all the musicians out there in the world wondering how they can take their career to the next level, I asked my friend He took the time to write out this amazing list of tips and tricks that helped him succeed in his pursuit. Making A Career As A Musician Making...

Music Production Tips for Electronic Music 2019

Music producer Tips, Tutorials 2019 // Learn more about electronic music production: How to mix and Master Audio to get better sound quality for Techno and House Music. If you are during the mixing process there are many possibly mistakes you can make. Read...

Plugins to Creatively Inspire You

As a producer it’s easy to fall in the trap of repeating the tricks that are easy and fast. You know what kick sounds good, you have you one or two favorite piano sounds and you have your go to 808 on speed dial. However, at some point, when you come out of the stress...
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