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Songwriting and producing – Free or Fee??

Here is something that everybody I know struggles with in their career. You start writing songs for fun, you start producing for fun, and at some point you have put in your 10.000 hours of “learning time” and you are ready to compete with the big boys and...

Competition or Peers – Friendships in Music.

This was one of those weeks for me where friends and business got too tangled up and became a temporary mess. I found myself surprisingly hurt by this. Maybe because expectations between friends vs. expectations between business connections are not always the same....

UK/Holiday Radio Campaign Officially Announced!

SoundCloud Promotion Supreme{PR} is a Texas based Organic SoundCloud Promotion Agency with a focus on music promotion streaming platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify. We generate real engagement through our partnerships with the largest promotion networks. Supreme{PR}...

2019 Christmas Song Campaign in UK/Europe Available Now!

This year sure has gone by fast! It’s time to start preparing for our holiday compilation CD, ‘Sounds Of Christmas’ [MPi 2019 Edition]! There are plenty of spots still available and prices range from $800- $1000. Least year, each song on the disc...

5 INSIDE tips to a booking-agent.

David Priebe is a managing partner at a When you’re a developing artist there are lots of missing pieces to the puzzle that can be more than difficult to find.  It often feels like the box just came incomplete when you don’t know where to look. I remember agents being...
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