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How To Promote A Tribute Band

You would be surprised at how many artists and musicians have tribute bands running on the side. There are a ton of tribute bands in the world. Some are “just for fun” tributes – usually started because a group of musicians have a passion for a particular...

15 Best Reverb VST Plugins 2019 & Free Hall Effects

Best Reverb and Hall VST Plugins. Free Effect Plugins, Reverb production Tips & analog hardware reverbs //     While being creative and mixing your Song, you want to use the best Reverb Plugins for your Vocal recordings, Synth, Drums,...

Will Amazon Music Put Spotify And Apple Music Out Of Business?

To learn how to get started building an email list of fans, grab your FREE copy of The Music Promotion Blueprint HERE And if you would like step by step video instruction to help you build and grow your fanbase online, go HERE Amazon’s just released a free tier...

How To Build A Following of Die-Hard Fans

The post How To Build A Following of Die-Hard Fans appeared first on JamMob – Music Marketing For Independent Artists. SoundCloud Promotion Supreme{PR} is a Texas based Organic SoundCloud Promotion Agency with a focus on music promotion streaming platforms like...

How To Charge $100 Per Album

Vinyl sales are on the rise, but what does that mean for independent artists? The music industry has evolved rapidly over the past decade or so. Streaming is now the dominate medium for listening to music as physical sales continue to decline. Despite the steady...
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