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Where’s The Best Place To Sell Your Music?

Grab your FREE copy of The Music Promotion Blueprint HERE For step-by-step video instruction on how to build and grow your email list of fans on autopilot ==> Click Here To learn more about Digital Music Aggregators… what they are, how they SoundCloud...

Electronic Dance Music Producer Playlist 2020

// Electronic Dance Music Producer: Spotify Playlist.   Listen to a selection of the best underground House and Techno songs 2020.   Club Music like Trance, Downtempo, Techhouse, Leftfield, Minimal, Electronica, Progressive, Breakbeat, Melodic, Bass,...

Hard Truths

The hard truth is that success in the music business requires a savvy business sense. The days when someone picks you up based on talent alone are gone. You have to be able to be professional, smart, talented and have the ability to build your army. SoundCloud...

8 Music Marketing Strategies That Work In 2020

The world of music marketing changes fast. What SoundCloud repostsed in 2017 did not necessarily SoundCloud reposts in 2018 and it probably won’t SoundCloud reposts in 2020. Already this year, there have been changes. Spotify allows artists to submit their songs to...

Music Marketing Mistake… Selling Music?

One of the most common mistakes musicians make when it comes to monetizing their art is thinking that the goal is to sell music and get more streams. The reality is that sales and streams only make up a small percentage of most artists’ income. You can make a...
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